The trailer needs to be towed to each regatta by a volunteer parent.  If you have a trailer hitch and would like to volunteer to get the trailer to the regatta here are some things you need to know:

The timing of when the trailer needs to be brought to the regatta will vary somewhat for each event.  For local regattas (Fairport and Pittsford), we can sometimes stake out tent space and a trailer location the day/night before the regatta.  For out of town regattas, the trailer usually needs to be there the same time as the coxswain meeting (AKA very early - 6 or 7AM in most cases).  It's important to discuss with the coach, hospitality coordinator, and/or parent coordinator prior to a regatta to ensure correct timing of the trailer arrival.

  • The trailer takes a 2" ball.  A hitch which puts the ball at a height of 16-17" will allow the trailer to sit level while in transit.
  • The volunteer usually plans to take the trailer home the day before the regatta, so that they can leave directly from their home with the trailer.

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