Hospitality Staples and Chores: A team hospitality tent is set up at each regatta to keep the rowers and families fed and dry throughout the long day. All families are expected to sign up for one staple (food) item and bring it to each regatta to keep the tent stocked. Also, families are expected to help with chores such as towing the trailer, setup and take down of the tent, tables and grill amongst other tasks. Please click on the Staples, Cooking Lunch & Chores link below to sign up. 

Hospitality Lunch: We ask that two families, typically, one varsity and one novice, volunteer to cook a hot lunch at the tent for each regatta. Expenses for lunch are reimbursed up to $250 through hospitality. Staple items are not reimbursed. Please click on the Staples, Cooking Lunch & Chores link below to sign up.  

Headcount: An RSVP for headcount may be needed before each regatta to gauge attendance so those cooking lunch can plan accordingly. If an RSVP is requested, please click on the Headcount RSVP link below to sign up.   

For more information for those cooking at regattas and towing the hospitality trailer click the links below:


Sign Up For Staples, Cooking Lunch & Chores

Headcount RSVP--Coming Soon!

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