Interested in Being a Part of McQuaid Crew?

Great! Please click HERE to contact Coach Jon Covney by email about your interest and for next steps.

Registration Information for All Crew Athletes:

Registering for the season is comprised of two separate steps. First, each athlete must have a current membership in USRowing (the national governing body for crew) and sign an online waiver. Next, every athlete must register for the McQuaid season and pay McQuaid dues through RegattaCentral. Greg Nearpass is the registration liaison. If you have any questions regarding registration, you can email Greg Nearpass.

FOR MEMBERSHIP and SIGNING OF WAIVER IN USRowing, please follow these steps:

1. Access USRowing's new Membership Portal. All athletes and parents will work on the "Individuals" side of the portal.

If you are setting up your USRowing membership for the first time:

2. Click "Join" and follow the prompts to choose a membership level (information about these can be found here). NOTE: The primary email you provide when you set up your membership will be used for password reset, so enter the email of the individual who will most likely be managing this account. Then, sign the online waiver.

3. On the next screen, input your name, etc. At the space for Club or Team Name, we are McQuaid Jesuit #1534. A pop-up will ask for the club code; it is HYA7B.

4. Membership type is Basic ($9.75). Then, provide your profile information (address, etc.) and rowing-related questions. (If you answer incorrectly, don't worry - the correct choice will be shown.)

5. Sign your online waiver. Answer "No" to the question regarding rowing on a US National Team.

6. Final step is payment of dues via credit card.

If you have previously set up your USRowing membership:

1. Click "Members" and enter your member number and password (if you don't remember the password, click "Set/Reset.")

2. Follow steps for Basic Membership ($9.75). Confirm your information; answer rowing-related questions.

3. Be sure to enter the club code (HYA7B) so that you appear on the coach's roster.

4. Click to sign your waiver. Answer "NO" to the question regarding rowing on a US National Team.

5. Final step is payment of dues via credit card.


Click the "REGISTER" button at bottom of this page to access RegattaCentral.

Dues are $640.00 for varsity and returning novice rowers; they will need to be paid at the time of registration. This fee includes hospitality costs. 

Any rower who receives financial assistance from McQuaid is eligible to receive assistance with dues. If you would like to request financial assistance, you may apply to the Friends of Scholastic Crew for financial aid (see below for process). DO NOT register at RegattaCentral until you receive a response from the Treasurer regarding the amount of financial aid you are eligible for and a code to use for the discount.

FINANCIAL AID: Financial aid to help offset dues is available; an application for aid must be completed and submitted on (or preferably, before) the date provided. The aid application form can be found HERE, or, families requesting assistance can send an email request to and provide the following information:

  • Name of Rower
  • Current grade level
  • Number of prior crew seasons & registration status for current season (i.e. Varsity or Novice)
  • Copy of tuition assistance letter from McQuaid for current school year

Again, if you are applying for aid, do not register at RegattaCentral until you receive information back from the Treasurer. Please email Greg Nearpass with any questions.

Forms for Registration

Click on the links below to access the following forms, which must be filled out and turned in to Coach Jon:



Register Here

If you’re ready to be part of a team, get some rigorous exercise, develop valuable life skills and have some fun while making lasting friendships, then take the next step and register here. If you have questions before registering, you can also reach us by email through our website’s secure contact page. We look forward to working together with you!

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