The McQuaid Crew team will be holding a Chipotle fundraiser on Wed. Oct. 19 from 5:00-9:00 p.m. at the Mt. Hope Chipotle store (only). Order all of your family's favorite Chipotle menu items and the crew team will receive 33% of the profits -- a win-win for McQuaid Jesuit Crew AND whoever doesn't have to make dinner that night! :-)  The Mt. Hope Chipotle is located at 1360 Mt. Hope Avenue. SCAN THE QR CODE from your computer with your phone, or from your phone itself, get more information by clicking on the attached flyer. Orders placed online must use the code HAJVY3G when using the Chipotle app; please see this attached flyer with specific instructions in case you are ordering online to ensure that your order gets credited to the fundraiser.