FoSC Family,

As some of you have heard by now that New York State and Gov. Cuomo have announced that all schools will remained closed for the academic year.  As such, McQuaid Jesuit along with the rest of Section V and the State have cancelled the spring sports season.

With the cancellation of the spring season, FoSC is willing and able to refund all or a portion of the dues paid.   Please remember that a season without dues can pose a significant threat to our non-profit organization. We understand and respect your ultimate decision as we consider you all part of our FoSC family and we want each family member to be able to flourish to their full potential.  If you would like request any portion of your dues, please send an email directly to myself and include the amount requested to be returned to your credit card and your RegattaCentral email (the one you entered in the registration process).

Refunds will be issued through RegattaCentral to the credit card you used for registration.  At this point I do not know when RegattaCentral will be able to process our request and I am working them to find this information out.

All dues not refunded may be used as a tax deductible donation on your 2020 taxes.

The FoSC board will also be working with the coaching staff to see if we can put any type of summer programming together.  This program may be in conjunction with other teams and clubs in the area.  Please stay tuned for further details.

I would like to give a big shout out our seniors.  I know this isn't the spring you all had hoped for but please remember you are still part of our family after you graduate and you are always welcome at the boathouse.  You have all worked extremely hard over your tenure with the team and the FoSC board would like to wish you all the best of luck on you endeavors going forward.  Without you guys many of our younger rowers might not be on the team.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.