Friends of Scholasc Crew (FoSC) is keeping in close contact with the McQuaid Jesuit Athletic Department and monitoring all guidelines as they make fluidic changes in light of the COVID-19 Virus.  We are optimistic that there may still be a spring rowing season in 2020, but realize that this year’s scholastic rowing season will be shorter than normal.  As such, registration and requests for financial aid will remain open until further notice. In the event that the season is ultimately cancelled by McQuaid Jesuit, FoSC would like you to know that you have a choice with your registration dues.  Please consider donating your dues to FoSC as a tax deductible gift.  Similarly, if the on the water portion of the season starts after April 14, FoSC will pro-rate the remainder of the season.  If you wish to do something different with your dues, please reach out to the FoSC President directly. Please remember that a season without dues can pose a significant threat to our non-profit organization.  We understand and respect your ultimate decision as we consider you all part of our FoSC family and we want each family member to be able to flourish to their full potential.  Stay strong and please follow all health precautions as we navigate this time together.

Sincerely, The FoSC Board

Brendon Evans – President

Steve Smith – Treasure

Matthew Scanlon – Secretary

Michael Ansaldi

Pamela Baird

John O’Leary

Paula Penna